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Story of a Brand

See all of Forum Brands' features on The Story of a Brand Podcast.

What You're Building Matters, But The People You Build It With Are More Important

Jen Kruk, VP of M&A at Forum Brands, talks to Martin Zerrudo, about how important it is in ecommerce to surround yourself with the right team.

Ecommerce Acquisitions with Ruben Amar

In a conversation with The Deal Scout, Ruben Amar shares the lessons learned on his journey from selling cosmetics at a mall kiosk in Fort Lauderdale to building an international career in finance to launching and growing Forum Brands.

Building a Strong Team Culture in a High Growth Business

Our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Ruben Amar joins Norman Farrar on the Lunch with Norm podcast for a discussion on how to establish a strong company culture and steps to ensure your culture does not become diluted as your business grows.

Best Amazon Inventory Management Methods - How To Forecast Your Product Demand

Our Director of Logistics Dylan Abraham sat down with Lisett Lees on Orange Klik for a wide ranging conversation on demand planning and inventory management. Dylan shares 3 simple forecasting methods to help Amazon FBA businesses stay in stock and avoid over and under-ordering.

How to Increase Amazon Sales by Running Effective Promotions

Our Co-Founder and COO Alex Kopco joins Lisett Lees on Orange Klik for a discussion on running effective promotions for Amazon FBA businesses, how to set goals for promotions and measure success, and the methods of promotions available to meet different business needs.

Building a Standout Brand with Alex Kopco

Getting into e-commerce with the aims of earning money is common and faultless, but to become an A+ brand, we have to be more than simply money-driven. Alex Kopco explains what it takes to build a standout brand in the sea of sameness in the marketplace.

Brenton Howland of Forum Brands, on Innovating through Acquisition to Turn Consumer Brands into Household Names

Our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Brenton Howland joins Justin Gordon on the Just Go Grind podcast for a discussion on Forum’s founding story, the platform that we’ve built to scale and operate our brands and why we love the six categories of consumer durable goods that make up our portfolio.

Amazon FBA Roll-ups with Alex Kopco of Forum Brands

Alex Kopco, co-Founder and COO of Forum Brands, a roll-up of digitally-native consumer brands selling via Amazon, sits down with Jason & Scot.

Amazon and the future of everything

Our co-CEO, Ruben Amar, sits down with the Geekwire podcast to talk about the Amazon seller landscape and gave his expert opinions as an Amazon FBA acquirer.

Get funded, get acquired

Brenton Howland discusses what it takes to bring your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

Best Practices for FBA Private Label Brands Looking to Sell

Alex Kopco gives an overview of how Amazon FBA sellers can prepare their businesses for sale.

Building Your Dream Team + What Roll-Ups look for in Brands They Acquire

Ruben Amar discusses the importance of team dynamics and what Forum Brands looks for in potential acquisitions.

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