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First Who, Then What

We have audacious aspirations for the future of Forum. This starts with our people.

We are customer-obsessed.

It’s in our DNA. Behind the world’s best consumer brands are outstanding teams that work in lockstep towards the same North Star.

We are builders.

We believe that the only way to get the future that we want is to build it. Building teams, technology, and consumer brands that excite and delight customers is our highest calling, and we come to work each day in service of that cause.

We are explorers.

We are curious by nature and constantly learning. We design experiments and test hypotheses quickly, cheaply, and in all facets of our business. We let data lead and stories follow.

We are explorers.

We’re just scratching the surface of a generational opportunity. Guided by our six principles, we’ll meet this opportunity as a creative, collective Forum Brands. If this speaks to you, please speak with us!

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Comprehensive health plans
Unlimited paid time off
Generous parental and family leave
Flexible work from home policies

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