Selling your Amazon FBA business doesn’t have to be hard.

Our transition team is staffed with the right people, and the right resources, to guide you through a seamless exit process.

Selling to Forum

What we look for

Passionate sellers who have built outstanding brands that consumers love.
We buy brands with trending products on Amazon and Amazon best sellers. We look for customer reviews and feedback that showcase a differentiated set of products that uniquely serve the everyday consumer.
Differentiated products that will be in demand for years to come.
70% or more of sales through Amazon FBA.
Demonstrated financial success of at least $2 million in Revenue in the last year.

What we offer

Sell your Amazon FBA business in 30 days or less.
Cash out years of profits in one day based on the ecommerce business valuation for your brand.
Be rewarded for the brand you have built. By partnering with us, you will be able to benefit from the upside of your business’s growth.
We are a team of ex-Amazonians and expert operators. We will be stewards of your brand, using our expertise to build it into a category leader and a household name.
Benefit from the Forum community in your next venture.


Step 1


Interested in selling your FBA business? We love hearing why and how great ecommerce businesses are made! We only need 30 minutes of your time.
Step 2


You provide some basic information, and we do the heavy lifting. If your business fits our model, we’ll evaluate your company and financial information and prepare an initial offer. This typically takes 48 hours.
Step 3


Once we agree to terms, our team works tirelessly to finalize the fine print and create an integration plan. With your help, we can execute the sale of your business within a few short weeks.
Cash made when you sell your amazon fba business with Forum
Step 4


Get paid in cash for the outstanding business you’ve built. You’re just a few steps away from taking home years of profits in just one day!

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