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Frequently Asked Questions

Considering selling your Amazon FBA business? Explore Forum's Frequently Asked Questions, which cover topics like how to value your business, and more!

First, Forum offers a hassle-free close process for Amazon Sellers. We make sure there is a structure in place and a team that is experienced in all areas to allow the transfer of knowledge from you to Forum. This makes it easier for you to exit, and helps to significantly accelerate the growth of your FBA product and brand. Forum is also a very tech-driven company. We’ve built a horizontal technology platform that spans our entire business model, from M&A to Operations, that drives the growth of our brands. Finally, Forum offers an earn out and a LEARN out. We are on a mission to be a trusted resource for FBA sellers at all stages of their growth, whether or not you are ready to sell. We offer several resources, from an in-depth library of blogs, to a network of preferred partners, in order to help you optimize your business.
If you are wondering how to value your FBA business, explore our blog discussing how to calculate an FBA Business! A good approach begins with creating an analysis comparing your brand’s financial metrics and operational qualities to those of similar companies. Several metrics should be examined, including earnings, market competitiveness, and room for product expansion.
Discover some useful tips and tricks in our Checklist for Amazon Sellers. Preparing your FBA business for sale involves a few steps. You should organize your financials, scrub your contact lists, boost your sales, update your inventory, determine your business valuation, and finally find a buyer. You should also have a strategy or a goal in mind when it comes to selling your Amazon business.
Forum offers fast and efficient payouts. Work with us and you can sell your Amazon FBA business in 30 days or less.
Forum buys businesses in 5 FBA product categories: Pet, Family, Home Goods, Sports & Outdoors, Health & Personal Care. We look for brands that sell 70% or more on Amazon and have demonstrated financial success of at least $2M in revenue in the last year.
Amazon FBA is a service provided by Amazon, which supplies an online business with access to Amazon's logistics network. The Amazon FBA program allows the FBA seller access to Amazon's warehouse, fulfillment center, and Amazon marketing services. In other words, the Amazon FBA seller passes the work of receiving, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns for orders on to Amazon FBA.
Yes, you can sell your Amazon FBA Business to us! Depending on what product category your online business offers, you may be a great fit for Forum Brands! We will ask you to provide some basic information about your Amazon business, and if your online business aligns with our model we will contact you with an initial offer.
Not only will you get paid in cash for the outstanding online business you've built as an Amazon seller, but you will have access to the Forum community in your next venture. You will also share in the upside as Forum builds a long-term legacy for the brand you built from scratch.

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